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» » » » » Dublin ( Baile Átha Cliath ). A voyage to Dublin, Ireland, Europe.

Dublin’s key ingredients: a thousand-year history, marinated until rich in heritage and sprinkled with hedonism. Visit and enjoy.

All the World is Dublin

As you stroll through the city, you might come across a group of young Koreans hawking phonecards from their shop hatches. Or Nigerian teenagers rustling through beaded curtains into African salons for hair extensions while upstairs, their parents belt out gospel hymns in makeshift churches. Next door, Russians leave the supermarket laden with tinned caviar. This is the new, confidently multicultural Dublin, where locals queue up to try a new sushi joint or pop around the corner to buy sumac from their local halal grocer, who’ll break away from a conversation in Arabic to say ‘howarye’ in a thick, Dublin accent.

Personality Goes A Long Way

Georgian elegance aside, Dublin mightn’t seem as sexy or as sultry as other European capitals, but Dubliners will tell you that pretty things are as easy to like as they are to forget. Their beloved capital, about which they can be brutally unsentimental, has personality, which is much more important and lasts far longer. Garrulous, amiable and witty, Dubliners at their ease are the greatest hosts of all, a charismatic bunch whose soul and sociability are so compelling and infectious that you mightn’t ever want to leave.

A Handsome History

Dublin has been making waves since the 9th century, and while you may have to dig deep to find traces of its Viking past, the city’s rich history since then is in evidence all around you, from its medieval castle and cathedrals to the splendour of the 18th century, when Dublin was the most handsome Georgian city in the Empire and its magnificent public and private buildings reflected the elevated status of its most privileged burghers. How power was wrested from their hands is another story, and you’ll learn that one in its museums and on its walking tours

Hold Your Hour & Have Another

To experience Dubliners at their most comfortable and convivial, you’ll have to spend some time in a pub. Dublin’s relationship with alcohol is complex and conflicted, but at its very best, a night out in the pub remains the city’s favourite social lubricant and one of the most memorable experiences of a visit to Ireland. Everyone has their favourite pub: for some it’s a never-changing traditional haunt; for others, it’s wherever the beautiful people are currently at. Either way, you’ll have over 1000 to choose from.
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