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» » » » Liechtenstein. A voyage to Liechtenstein, Europe.


A pipsqueak of a country, Liechtenstein snuggles between Switzerland and Austria, among mountain ranges that rise steep and rugged above the Rhine. Besides the sheer novelty value of visiting one of the world’s tiniest and richest countries, Liechtenstein is pure fairytale stuff – a mountain principality governed by an iron-willed monarch, embedded deep in the Alps and crowned by whimsically turreted castles.
Only 25km long by 12km wide (at its broadest point), Liechtenstein doesn’t have an international airport, and access from Switzerland is by local bus, but the journey is worthwhile.
Outdoor enthusiasts are in their element here, with a remarkable number of trails to hike and slopes to ski given the country’s diminutive size. Strike out into the Alpine wilderness beyond Vaduz and, suddenly, this landlocked sliver of a micronation no longer seems quite so small.
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