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» » » » » Wellington. A voyage to Wellington, New Zealand, Pacific.

A small city with a big rep, Wellington is famous for being NZ’s constitutional and cultural capital. It is infamous for its weather, particularly the gale-force winds that barrel through, wrecking umbrellas and obliterating hairdos. It lies on a major geologic fault line; negotiating the city’s one-way traffic system can also leave you quaking with rage.
But don’t be deterred – these are mere trifles on Welly’s multilayered, jam-packed stand of sweet treats. For starters it’s lovely to look at. Gorgeous Victorian timber architecture laces the bushy hillsides above the harbour. There are hilltop lookouts, waterfront promenades and craggy shorelines to the south. Downtown, the compact CBD vibrates with museums, theatres, galleries and boutiques. Everyone here looks arty and a tad depleted, like they’ve been up all night molesting canvases. These creative vibes are fuelled by kickin’ caffeine and craft-beer scenes. Mandatory Wellington accessories: skateboards, beards and tatts…preferably all three.

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