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» » » » Grenada. A voyage to Grenada, Caribbean Islands - St. George’s, Gouyave, Grenville, Victoria, Saint David’s, Sauteurs, Hillsborough...

Isn’t that the place that the US invaded in the ‘80s? Didn’t it get munched by a hurricane a few years ago? Grenada is used to bad press. But like a fighter on the ropes, it’s come out swinging and has reinvented itself as the next big thing. The one big island and two small ones plonked in the sea in the southeast corner of the Caribbean are undiscovered and rarely visited.
Grenada Island is elliptically shaped and alive with a rainforested interior. Underrated beaches line the coast and sublime scuba diving is on offer just below the surface. St George’s, the largest town, has one of the most picturesque waterfronts in all of the Caribbean. Stone buildings, forts from a forgotten time and houses of all colors meld into a hilly buffet of urban aesthetics. Friendly, welcoming locals go about their lives and are happy to include you in the process. Carriacou is a step back in time. With a cadence a notch or two slower then Grenada Island, this petite isle is a relaxed affair where endearing locals and an eclectic village life is added to sublime scenery. And if that sounds too busy, head over to Petit Martinique where even less happens – and the locals like it that way.
Yes, Grenada did get invaded by Uncle Sam, but that’s old news. And yes, a hurricane obliterated much of the island in 2004, but they’ve rebuilt. Life moves on, and so has Grenada.

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