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» » » » Swaziland ( Umbuso weSwatini ). A voyage to Kingdom of Swaziland, Africa - Mbabane, Manzini, Simunye, Mhlume...

Swaziland might be among the smallest countries on the continent and one of Africa’s remaining monarchies, but there’s more than novelty value on offer here. You can almost feel South Africa’s undercurrents of tension fade away when you cross the border into friendly, easy-going ittle Swaziland, making it a relaxing stopover on the trip between Mozambique and South Africa. And it’s surprising how much there is to do here - the royal ceremonies, excellent wildlife reserves and superb scenery should be more than enough reason to come.
Try Hlane Royal National Park for an eyeful of white rhinos, lions and antelopes - camping options are available for overnight stays. You may not want to stay overnight in the somewhat dull Mbanane, but you may well pass through on your way to the Ezulwini & Malkerns Valleys, the former renown for its picturesque scenery and the latter for its handicrafts.

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