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» » » » » Baden-Baden ( Bade-Bade ). A voyage to Baden-Baden, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, Europe.

From Queen Victoria to the Vanderbilts, from Bismarck to Brahms and Berlioz, they all came to Baden-Baden – the royal, the rich, the renowned and the moneyed wannabees – to take the waters or lose their fortunes in the casino.
Today Baden-Baden, at the foot of the Black Forest, is the grande dame of German spas, ageing but still elegant. Sophisticated yet relaxed, it offers a belle époque townscape of palatial villas, stately hotels, tree-lined avenues, groomed parks and chic boutiques. Many of the most delightful activities, such as strolling, are free, and even the famous spas don’t necessarily require deep pockets to enjoy (at one of them, deep pockets are banned entirely).

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